Colocation Services

Secure space, scalable power, superlative connectivity:

A flexible solution for your IT infrastructure

City Lifeline’s colocation services give you greater flexibility and create major savings of time, space and money allowing you to focus on your core business rather than worrying about your IT infrastructure.

We manage both your server and its housing environment, while 24/7/365 access, security and operations staff keep your business critical systems functioning smoothly, safely and securely.

Our carrier neutral facility is located in the City of London and connected to the main communication service providers. This allows us to offer global connectivity via many of the major carriers.

City Lifeline’s colocation services give you the freedom to choose your network, content delivery, IT security, data storage and other key services from a wide selection of vendors that service the data centre.

Peace of mind in every eventuality

We ensure continuity for your IT systems and that your company records and data are safe and secure at all times – our infrastructure redundancy measures mean your business critical applications are always up and accessible.

You should not experience downtime or disruption from power failure, other than scheduled maintenance. Failsafe systems incorporating battery UPS for the short term, combined with an onsite diesel generator and sub-station for extended outages ensure 24/7 back up for all your equipment.

Our colocation facility has a robust security system with surveillance cameras and full entry control systems, and is permanently manned by security guards.

We are able to provide a precision-controlled, air-conditioned environment with the best in fire defence to ensure the maximum level of physical safety for your server equipment.

Specialist network engineers can monitor all your services, so you make a direct cost saving on technical personnel.

Connectivity with no strings attached

City Lifeline’s colocation services give you greater flexibility in your IT infrastructure with increased connectivity and greater redundancy without the prohibitive cost.

Increased bandwidth at reduced cost means that you’ll have all the capacity you’ll ever need even during peak times and high-speed connections via multiple carriers prevent downtime. We can provide cost-effective fibre, coax or copper interconnection to our partner telecommunications carriers.

Our carrier-neutral status means you can utilize the City Lifeline network or you can choose your own carrier; it also ensures competitive pricing and service. We are able to provide seamless transfer to alternate carriers, if needed, so you’ll never have to rely on a service provider that doesn’t come up with goods.

With a BGP4 routing capability, your data is sent along the most reliable path and delivered as fast as possible. If one provider’s connection fails, BGP4 allows instant failover and re-routes your critical data over a different path with an alternate provider, minimizing downtime.

Complete control of your server

All hardware and software associated with the service is your property – you decide how powerful you want it, what operating system you want and every other aspect of its design and setup. Reliable and managed power availability means you’ll have peace of mind with capacity to cope with today’s energy requirements.

As a client of City Lifeline you can easily deploy new machines within 24 hours and expand as required with minimal delays. Using remote administration, you can also look forward to decreased dependence on external customer support services.

About City Lifeline

Established in 1994, City Lifeline is one of the UK’s leading independent, carrier neutral colocation hotels. We have some of the best connectivity in Europe along with the skills and experience to deal with all of your technology needs.


“Speakeasy Communications Ltd were delighted to chose City Lifeline House as its main City of London, UK data centre in 2007. We were looking for a secure site close to the City of London with the necessary robust ISP and Carrier connectivity that we need to run our retail communications business. As the Speakeasy Communications business continues to grow we are confident that the CityLife Line facility will be able to cater for all our connectivity and power needs at a competitive price.”

— Mark J. Stewart, Managing Director,
Speakeasy Communications Ltd