About City Lifeline

City Lifeline is the City of London’s leading independent, carrier neutral colocation hotel, combining outstanding technical excellence with business aptitude to provide cutting-edge solutions for your data storage and telecommunications.

Established in 1994, our understanding of the nature, impact and extent of the data requirements of our clients has enabled us to develop a broad and flexible service offering. It has also helped us become one of the most sought after IT and Telecom colocation partners in the UK.

With over 40 man-years of senior management experience, City Lifeline has some of the best connectivity in Europe for both voice and data. We offer a complete range of skills to help you iron out your technology issues, get the most from your systems and drive your business forward.

Our independent view of the market combined with our knowledge of current and future technologies allows us to offer a unique insight into the best strategy for your data and telecommunications.

Above all, we listen to our clients and work with you to create the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business.

City Lifeline

We work in partnership with several industry leading service providers, allowing us to provide you with the most flexible IT and telecoms solutions.


“Speakeasy Communications Ltd were delighted to chose City Lifeline House as its main City of London, UK data centre in 2007. We were looking for a secure site close to the City of London with the necessary robust ISP and Carrier connectivity that we need to run our retail communications business. As the Speakeasy Communications business continues to grow we are confident that the CityLife Line facility will be able to cater for all our connectivity and power needs at a competitive price.”

— Mark J. Stewart, Managing Director,
Speakeasy Communications Ltd