City Lifeline is a Tier 3, carrier neutral Data Centre that is located near Moorgate in London, on all the main fibre-optic rings. This makes us one of the best connected colocation data centres in Central London, and London is by far the most connected city in Europe.

As an independent and privately owned London Data Centre, we are small and agile enough to be flexible and to know our customers personally, yet large enough to invest in the plant, equipment, services and people needed to run a first-class London colocation Data Centre. Our proven technology infrastructure and Central London location, coupled with the deep industry knowledge of our people is what gives City Lifeline its strength.

  • Proven Technology Infrastructure
    Reliable and resilient, with high carrier availability. We operate a programme of continual investment into the facility to ensure availability of NOC, office and storage space. We also benefit from extremely robust ISP and carrier connectivity.
  • Central London Location
    One of the most easily accessible facilities in the country. We are located at the centre of the world’s internet backbone in ‘fibre alley’, with fibre-optic cabling right outside the door. We also offer onsite parking for easy deliveries and removals.
  • Deeply Knowledgeable People
    Extensive industry experience gained over many years. We are helpful, accommodating and very easy to work with, with extremely good customer satisfaction ratings. We also have an unusually high degree of staff longevity and continuity.

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We always consider City Lifeline when we evaluate London colocation providers. We value the data centre team’s professionalism, reliability and flexibility and their contribution to our projects. We will happily continue to recommend City Lifeline to our clients.

David Johnson Operations Director, Horizon Technologies Ltd